Here is some common questions:

General Questions

Who is Allah?

Allah is the name of God the Creator of everything the Supreme Been the One God, this name has been used in the old testament in Ezra 5:1 as well as in the new testament of the Christian Bible in Jesus language in Matthew 5:9 also in Mark 15:34 Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani? and in Matthew 27:46 the same word but now written in differently Eli, Eli  first of all if someone wants to die to safe human beings from their sin why would he cry? and with a load voice? shouldn’t he be happy and proud to take away the sin of mankind? but we will talk about this in details on Jesus page, anyway Eloi, Eloi in Aramaic language is prononced exactly Allahi, Allahi in the Arabic language, which means oh my Allah oh my Allah, the thing is that the Gospel of Mark which was the first Gospel to be written, was written in the Greek language and all I say is try to write your name using another language,

Aramaic, Hebrew and Arabic are all sister languages, so for those who try to tell you that Allah is some other God they lying to you, Allah is the single creator of everything others may call him differently or does not know how to write his name or pronounce it correctly, I will proof to you in details on a separate page that Allah is the God of Abraham, the God of Moses, the God of Jesus and the God of Muhammad (peace be into all of them), 

also the Name Allah is been used in the Arabic translation of the Bible referring to the God,

Arab Jews and Arab Christians they use the name Allah to call God,

The word God means A God and it dose not have a clear definition, for example for many Christan God is three in one! to others it means something else,

While the word Allah means and reefers without a doubt to the one and only one creator.

Take a look by this nice Jewish man explain it for you: 


also take a look at this nice Jewish man explain it to you:


Here is one more honest jewish man explain it to you so you will be sure it is true:


You can also listen to this interesting lecture by Sulaiman Khatani about Allah (Glory be to him):

Download the lecture of Sulaiman Khatani if you like

The name of Allah even have been mentioned in the old sacred Hindu scriptures:

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Who is Muhammad?

The name Muhammad means in the Arabic language the Praised one,
Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the last Prophet and a messenger that God have chosen to deliver his message to mankind and it would definitely be better for you to follow him, because God will ask you in the Judgment day Why didn’t you read my final message to mankind The Quran? Why didn’t you follow my last messenger and became a Muslim? what you are going to say?

To learn more about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Click HERE.

Or you can watch this nice video about the great character of the Prophet:


How do we know Muhammad is a true Messenger of God?

If you believe in God here is the answer for you, but if you don’t believe in God yet, even though most definitely reading the Holy Quran and reading about the prophet would convince you but it helps you even more if you first check the naturalistic and the scientific evidence of the existence of God, So if you are not a believer yet, read the Home page about evolution theory but if you don’t think human came from monkeys you don’t really need to read it, then you can read the Universe page, the Nature page, Biology, Logic, Simple Math and By Chance page the information on these pages could increase your believe in God,

Back to the question:
How do we know that Muhammad is a true Messenger and Prophet of God?

This is too easy:

1. The Quran,
When you read the Quran you would know without a single doubt that this is from God, and this is not the word of Muhammad, it happened before, God have sent many Prophets and Messengers like Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus,
The Holy Quran is the final revelation from God to all mankind, 
it is not written or inspired by Muhammad, it is not the teaching of Muhammad, it was a 23 years of revelations from God through Angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad to deliver it to mankind, 
When you read the Holy Quran you will not even think about Muhammad, you will only hear the voice of God speaking, so read it and see for yourself, you don’t need to be afraid, it is for your own good.

2. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was known to be honest and truthful man even before he was a prophet, he was even nicknamed as the truthful and the trust worthy, So for example if you go at that time to the town of the Prophet and ask people; Do you know this man they say he is Honest and Trust Worthy? they would say definitely, that is Muhammad.

3. He was offered money and wealth early on to give up delivering the message of God but he refused, he was offered women and status of power but he refused, he said to them: if you put the Sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand so I abandon this religion, I would never abandon it. until I convey the Message or I die trying,

And indeed his people tried to kill him also the Jews too conspired to kill him many times but God protected him and the Prophet never abandon delivering the message of God to all people.

4. The family of the Prophet suffered immensely, it is one thing that you can take it and suffer by yourself but when it comes to your family it is not that easy,
his two daughters were divorced from their husbands because he didn’t give up delivering the message of God and he was living very comfortable and noble life before Islam up until he was 40 years old before God commanded him to deliver his message, but the Idols worshipers of Mecca throw him and his family and his followers out of the city to live in the open desert where his wife died, and almost he and his followers starve to death, but to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, delivering the great message of God was not optional, so he was patient and Allah made him prevail.

5. Muhammad did not invent Islam or came up with ‘another’ God, it is the same God of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jacob and Jesus, the same One God of the east and the west, who commanded him to deliver His message to all mankind, to worship the Creator of everything without partners or Idols or partitions or through mediators or by anybody’s name.

6. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him could not read or write and the Holy Quran is unarguably the master piece of the Arabic language of all times, so how is it possible? and we are here only talking about the eloquence and the beauty of the language of the Quran, if someone ask you to write a book about God and about Life, about Law and Wisdom about Science and about the Universe, about the Judgment Day and about the purpose of life and about the life after and asked you to write it in a Poetic way but not as a poem but in a new way never known before, and you should write it without drafting or assistance from anybody and while people trying to kill you and the book has to talk about events in the past from the time of the creation and talks about events to come in the future and it should contain all kinds of miracles like scientific miracles which can be discovered in the future and you should mention throughout the book the word Day 365 exactly so as the word Month it should be mentioned exactly 12 times and many more mathematical  miracles and all has to be consistent without errors or contradictions, Do you think you can do it? most definitely Not and Allah challenges Human beings many times in the Holy Qur’an to produce something like it, No one was able to reproduce the Holy Qur’an, or even to make something like it.

7. The prophet practiced what he preached, even when Allah gave him victory, he could have easily lived like a King but instead he chooses to live a very humble life.

8. When you read about the life of Prophet Muhammad, you can’t help but to love him, he was a great example of a human being, that is why one in four people on this planet look up to him and believes that he is a true Messenger and a Prophet of God.

9. Islam is not about Muhammad it is about Allah, if you want the straight path to Allah follow the message of Allah and take the great example of Prophet Muhammad, because he is the Last and the Final Messenger to mankind and by following him you are also following all the prophets of God.

10. if you are looking for miracles of God by Prophet Muhammad you wouldn’t be disappointed, keep in mind there is not a single prophet of God in the Bible or elsewhere that claim that he himself did that miracle it is all by the power of God,
The biggest miracle of Muhammad without doubt is the Holy Quran, let me tell you why:
in this book many scientific facts which are discovered in recent times, like the Big bang, the Expantion of the Universe and the formation of the baby in the mother’s womb and many many more not only scientific but predictions about the future and talking about events in the far past and so much more, which All turned out to be True,
One in four people on this planet say this Holy Quran is from God,
Thanks to Islam, Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol, 2.5 million people get killed because of alcohol, it is enough for Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, with the will of Allah that his religion is Superseding all religions and that also mentioned in the Qur’an,
And even if you are looking for physical miracles that Muhammad did by the power of God there are more than a 1000 of them.

It is truly a Miracle that even though with a 24/7 negative Zionists media propaganda and false accusations against Islam, Islam without doubt is the fastest growing religion in America and the World.

(you can watch this video lecture about the 1000 miracles of God by Prophet Muhammad)

Here is some more evidence about the Prophet-hood of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, presented by Dr. Laurence R. Brown:

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What is Islam?

Islam is not a new religion, it is the religion that God has chosen for All mankind from the very beginning, why would I say that? because God from the moment that he created human been his message is to believe and worship him alone and that is in one word in the Arabic language is Islam,

So Islam means submission and believe in one God the creator of everything and everyone and that God is Allah (all glory be to him),

In this regard All the Prophets of God from Prophet Abraham, Prophet Moses, Prophet Jesus, and Prophet Muhammad and all of them were Muslims.

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Is the Quran a copy of the Bible?

Have you read the Qur’an?
Did you even read the Bible?
Kind of

That is why you would ask such a question, Never the less here is the answer:

No the Holy Quran is not a copy of the Bible, in fact there is not a single book on earth that come close or even can be compared to the Noble Qur’an;

1.The language, the eloquence, the beauty that the Quran is written in is truly out of this world, it is a Godly language to all people, without a single doubt.

2.Remember all those incest stories in the Bible like “Prophet Lot and his daughters”? There are ten incest stories in the Bible from every type, well there is nothing like that in the Quran, Prophets of God are the good people, that God has chosen to deliver his message to mankind.

3.When you open the Quran you wouldn’t find according to like Mark or according to John or Paul or even according to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, it is only the word of God Almighty.

4.Remember those ancestry long lists of people in the Bible? Which they don’t even add up, none of that is in the Quran.

5.Women are treated equally but accordingly in the eyes of God (unlike what you hear on the Zionists media) and nothing really like that in the Bible.

6.The Quran tells you what religion is about, the Bible doesn’t even tell you what religion is about.

7.The word Sward is mentioned not less than 200 times in the Bible, in the Quran that word is mentioned zero times.

8.The Bible is not even a book it is a collection of scriptures chosen and put together by people; the Quran is one Book the exact revelation from God to mankind.

9.There are many different versions of the Bible: the Roman Catholic Bible (their Bible contains 73 books), the Protestant Bible which contain (66 Books), the Ethiopian Orthodox Bible (contain 81 books), even Jehovah’s witnesses Bible is different but everybody knows that, then you have King James Bible, the RSV Bible, So which one to copy??

10.The first translation of the Bible to the Arabic language came about more than 300 years after Islam was established, in fact the first English translation of the Bible was about 6 centuries ago and the Church have burned a life those people who translated the Bible.

11The Bible has been changed ask any decent Christian and Jewish scholar, but the Holy Quran was preserved and memorized by millions of people, and there is only one Quran from China to America thank God because Allah Almighty has promised to preserve it.

12.Christianity had a head start by about 600 years how could a copy be better than the original and superseding it, by the way there is No originals of the Bible, just copies of copies but there is of the Quran, and Allah Glory be to Him have declared clearly in more than one place in the Quran that Islam will Supersede all other religions.

13.With all due respect the Bible is full of errors and contradictions according to one of the well known Christian scholars, who spend more than 30 years in research and studying the Bible, with a PHD degree in Christian Theology, Dr. Bart Ehrman, he said “There are more differences in the manuscripts than there are words in the New Testament” sure, it is written by so many different people, you will not find a single error or contradiction in the Holy Quran, in fact Allah Almighty challenges human beings to produce even a chapter or a verse like the Quran, you wouldn’t find such a challenge in the Bible.

I really can go for ever on this (figure of speech), I know the Bible very well and I have read the Quran many many times, Just because Allah Almighty talks about the same prophets in Quran too does not mean the Quran is a copy, Muslims worship the same God of Adam and Noah and Moses the same God of Jesus and Muhammad the God of the East and the west the Creator of Mankind and the Universe in many places the Quran talks about other prophets who are unknown to the Jews in fact the Jews does not recognize Jesus as a prophet and a Messiah and in this regard the Quran disagrees with both the Jews which consider him to be a liar and the Christians which consider him to be “son” of God, but in the Quran Jesus peace be upon him is considered to be a great prophet and a messenger of God just like all other prophets, I can give you maybe hundred more examples,

I really advice you brothers and sisters to read the Quran for yourself and make your own Judgment, by the way not even the translations of the Holy Quran to other languages are considered to be Quran, never the less you will get the idea,

Allah said in the Noble Quran:
“Whoever seeks any religion other than Islam it will not be accepted from him and he in the Hereafter will be of the losers“  (Quran 3:85).

The Choice is yours.

Take a look at this interesting video by Dr. Laurence Brown:

(click here to see part 2 Here)

How do we know that the Quran is the word of God?

1. Read it.
Reading the Holy Qur’an would be a good start to know that this book is without a single doubt is the Last and Final Message from God to All Human beings.

2. The Quran itself tells you clearly and directly in many places that it is from God.

3. The one who speaks in the Holy Quran is God ONLY Not Muhammad, so when you read the Quran you only hear or listen to the voice or the speech of Almighty God.

4. The Book talks about the Creation of Human being, the Creation of the Universe and the Creation of everything, God tells you in this Book, How you are Created, Why you are Created and What are you supposed to do on this planet.

5. The Book Glorifies God as no other book on this planet.

6. The Book is a Guide from God to Human beings on how to live your life in the best way and on top of that you will get rewarded to live Eternal life in Paradise if you did well and become thankful to God and worship Him Alone His way.

7. God Almighty many times in the Holy Qur’an is Guiding the Prophet from errors even criticizing him sometimes.

8. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon, 5 out of his 6 kids have died before him in different times, you don’t see that mentioned in the Quran, the Prophet was thrown into the open desert with his family and his followers for three long years and they were put under a severe embargo and his wife and his uncle who was protecting him both has died but you don’t find any of that in the Quran.

9. The Holy Quran talks about many scientific phenomenas and they all turned out to be True like The Big Bang, The Expansion of the Universe, the Formation of the Baby in the Mother’s womb and so many more, and all these scientific fact has only been discovered in the recent times.

10. The Quran talks about events in the far past and events to happen in the future and everything unfolds as the Quran says, like where Noah’s Ark lays or the Preservation of the body of the Faro and so much more.

11. This Book is truly a Miracle from the Eloquence of its language to the mathematical miracles which embedded in it which only has been discovered in the Quran recently to the supreme perfect laws which truly designed by the designer and maker of Mankind.

12. The Book has absolutely No errors or contradictions which you find in almost all other scriptures.

13. The Holy Quran is Preserved Unchanged from the moment that was revealed to the end of times, unlike all other scriptures, because Allah Almighty has promised to Preserve it, you have Millions of Muslims memorize the whole Quran, so even if someone make a mistake in one letter there is always someone to tell him brother or sister, you made a mistake.

14. The Holy Quran was from the beginning in the hands and memories of people, unlike for example the Bible, which was in the hand of the Church, in fact up to only about 500 years ago, someone was burned alive just because he translated the Bible from Latin to English.

15. The Quran itself requires that before you read it you say; I seek refuge with Allah from the Cursed Satan.

16. Allah Almighty challenges those people who are in doubt about it, many times in the Holy Quran to produce something like it, or a chapter like it or even a verse like it and they all failed miserably to meet this challenge for more than 1400 years.

Allah (SWT) said in the Holy Quran:
And if ye are in doubt as to what We have revealed to Our servant, then produce a chapter like it and call on your witnesses besides Allah if you are truthful.
And if ye do it not – and ye can never do it, then fear the Fire whose fuel is men and stones prepared for the disbelievers.  (Holy Qyran 2:23-24).

So Brothers and Sisters, this is your great opportunity to follow the Message of God, you would never ever be disappointed in the Quran or in the Prophet or in Islam, take the step, have the courage, life is too short, feeling sorry in the Judgment day wouldn’t help at all,

Become a Muslim this is the Straight Path that will take you without doubt to Paradise.

Here is a beautiful video by Dr. Laurence Brown, giving you even more evidence that the Glorious Qur’an is without a single doubt is the exact word of God:

 (click here to see part 1 Here)

How do you know there is God?

Before answering this question the questioner has to define what is God for him or her,
if he or she means the creator of everything the one and only one God, then the answer would be a little easier, I can give you 99.9999% proof of the existence of “God” Allah and only 0.0001 I leave it to your heart, this 0.0001 you will be sure of when you meet your creator then you would say aha it is now %100 but it’s gonna be too late for you if you are a disbeliever and you already rejected him, because there will not be second chance, your chance is now while you are a life.

There are a few places that you could start from:

- First of all there is no proof there is no God, on the contrary there are thousands and millions of evidence points that there is a God, in this huge universe human beings didn’t even discover every thing on this planet so how could some dare to say there is no God, that is very arrogant, it is much harder to proof there is no God than to proof there is a God and hopefully this website will help you to take a step closer towards believing in God.

- Do you yourself exist? are you an intelligent being? do you think that you are the only creature that has intelligence in this wide Universe? comparing the age of the Human being which only Thousands of years to the age of the universe which is 13.7 Billion years old.

- The Universe has a begining, the Big Bang Theory is widely accepted by Scients and that means someone has made it.

- When you look at the Universe you can see it is Designed.

- Why human being has the good and the bad sense build in where does this original good and bad came from?

- Why humans have the ability to recognize their place in this universe and ask questions about it.

- Did man created himself? the answer is NO

the question is very deep and simple and to me I’ve got the answer already but to some people you need more than a website more than a revelation they only believe it when they see it but if they keep their eyes and their ears closed I’m afraid they would know the answer when it is too late.3DBookSmall

Read my 224 pages book, it will give you much more evidences and reasons, Click on the image to the right, and have an inside look on Amazon website: – – – – >>>>

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Thank you.


For more please click here to read the Philosophy & Logic page

Why can’t I just be Good?

Sure you can be good but you are like someone in high school telling his teacher why do I have to study why can’t I just go to college without exam why can’t I just read magazines and watch TV and go to the best university? Life is a test my brothers and sisters,

Of course you can be good but good is very subjective or relative, for example for Hitler it was good that he killed Jews and Gypsies, in his mind he was doing something good for himself and for his country but the same act was not good for the Jews or for Gypsies,

The same thing goes for thieves, rapists, criminals and others it is very subjective

When George W. Bush and his Zionists Jews thugs went to Iraq and Afghanistan and killed more than one million people and destroyed both countries they were thinking that they were doing something good and get rid of the bad guys as they say it,

So where do we get the right good? the good that it doesn’t change with time or place? the real good?

The answer is simple we get it from the one who made us the one who created us he know what is the best for us, when you buy a DVD player how do you know what is the best for it? If you put water in it it will be ruined if you put the DVD disk upside down it might be damaged so what do you do? You read the instruction manual that came with it, which tells what is the good way to use it, and our creator have send use and instruction manual and final instruction manual to human been is the Holy Quran,

So just believe or just be good is not enough you have to believe and do good the good that the creator ask you to do

In fact the inner good which is implemented in every human been is by itself a sign of the Creator

In Christianity they tell you Jesus died for your sin so you don’t have to do anything but some of them they say but you still have to be good but that means “Jesus blood” is not enough to safe you,

In Islam it is simple and clear you have to believe and do good that god ask you to do and by the Grace of God Allah you will go to Paradise,

it is mentioned in the Holy Quran more than 50 times those who believe and do good deeds they will go to Paradise specially those who believe in ONE God not three in one or five in one God not a monkey God or a Man God but in the single creator of everything the one and only God and that is ALLAH and follow his final messenger to mankind Prophet Muhammad (peace be unto him),

this is the way  my good brothers and sisters follow it and don’t be lazy or arrogant and you will be in Paradise with the good people not with the criminals and the murderers and the rapists in the Hell fire.

Be wise


In Islam is Jesus Considered to be The Messiah?

YES Absolutely,

All Muslims Consider Jesus Christ as The Messiah and call him The Messiah in fact Jesus Christ peace be upon him is called the Messiah 11 times in the Holy Qur’an, you cannot be a Muslim without considering Jesus Christ to be the Messiah, it is not optional,

You have to understand that the word Messiah which is a Hebrew word and it is the same word in Arabic and in Aramaic, in Greek it is Christos, This word does not mean God, it does not mean son of God and it does not mean divine in any shape or form,

it simply means anointed,

So in Islam Jesus Christ peace be upon him is the Messiah and he is a great prophet of God and that is also clear in the Bible.

Why do I have to pray?

If someone gives you something you say thank you, right?
What about the One who gave you life, the One who created you as a Human being?
He could have created you as a dog fetching balls sitting when told or a monkey in a circus, God created you as an intelligent Human being, He gave you food to eat, a variety of food to choose from, He could have made you eat grass only but God Allah is very kind He is the most kind the most generous he gave you so many types of food to choose from and enjoy, is it too much to be grateful?
He gave you Eyes to see in colors, Ears to hear in stereo, I know maybe you think this is funny but really if you think about it, He gave you so much..lungs to breath, can’t you see all the gifts and favors God has given you?

On top of that, it is for your own benefit really, people pay money to do Yoga and go to the Gym, in Islam, it is a free membership, you “exercise” daily for free and you get healthy physically, spiritually and mentally on top of that you will get rewarded Eternal Life in Paradise, God willing (Insha Allah),

isn’t that a Good Deal?

I think it is the Best Deal in the world,

 Think about it.


Do Muslims worship the Ka’ba in Mecca?

No, Muslims do Not worship the Ka’ba in Mecca and they do Not worship Muhammad,

Muslims worship God Alone the Creator of everything and his proper name is Allah glory be to him, they worship him and pray to him directly and not through anything or by anybodies name,

The building called the Ka’aba, which is a sacred place for Muslims and it is NOT an object of worship for Muslims.

The Ka’aba is the first place ever build to worship God alone without partners or Idols,
it is located in the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia,

Take a look at the page of Mecca for more information Click here Mecca.


Why Islam, why can’t I just be a Christian?

By being Christian that means you are rejecting the last and final message from God and rejecting the last and final prophet of God to all mankind that is prophet Muhammad peace be upon him,
and if you say I do believe Muhammad is a true prophet of God but I would like to follow Jesus,
well I’m telling you my dear brothers and sisters:

1. by following prophet Muhammad you are following the true teaching of all the prophets, because in Islam it is an article of faith to believe in the prophets of God including a great prophet like Jesus peace be upon him, in Islam we believe in Jesus as he was a great messenger of God, we believe in his miracles virgin birth which is done by the power of God and we believe in all the miracles which God (Allah) enable him to do,
Jesus himself said in the Bible all these powers was giving to me he said I can of my own self do nothing.

2. Jesus have said many times that there is another prophet is going to come after him,
(Ref. John 14:16, John 16:7, John 16:12)

Jesus message peace be upon him is to the Jews, he never preached to a single non Jewish person in his life time,
(Ref. Matthew 15:24, Matthew 10:5,6)

The bible as we know it today has been edited and changed over time, I can give you a small example no one can argue with is when Jesus said:
“ Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”
(Ref. Mark 16:15) this is my dear brothers and sisters is a new insertion not to be found in any of the manuscripts.

God has said in his last preserved message to mankind in the Holy Quran:
..and if the people of the book have believed (in the message you brought Muhammad) it would be better for them”
(Quran Ref. 3:110),

And God (Allah) has said: “Religion in the site of Allah is Islam” (Quran Ref. 3:19), 
which makes sense because Jesus peace be upon him, never called his religion Christianity, neither Moses called his religion Judaism, these words are not even in the Bible.

God has said in the Quran: “..Don’t you Die but as Muslims” (Quran Ref. 3:102).

And have said in the Quran: “..and whoever seeks any religion other than Islam it will not be accepted from him and he in the Hereafter will be of the Losers”
(Quran Ref. 3:85).


The choice is yours my dear brothers and sisters.


And if you think Allah is some other God please click HERE


Why do you not drink Alcohol?

2.5 people get killed because of Alcohol not to mention millions more get injured and and children get raped,

So thank God we don’t drink Alcohol, for more information of why click on Alcohol PAGE.

What is Sunni and Shia?

Basically the main difference between Sunni and Shia is Political,

The Muslim Shia feels that Imam Ali the cousin of the Prophet and the great knight of Islam that he should have been the first Khalif (Ruler) of Muslims after the death of the Prophet,

The Muslim Sunni feels Abu Bakir the close friend and the great companion of the Prophet was more right to be the Khalif of Muslims after the Prophet,

And what is strange about the situation is that both men Ali and Abu Bakir have got over it and let go but people have used it as an excuse to be divided and the anomies of Islam took advantage of that and they are still taking advantage of that and trying to make the gap look wider and that is what they did in recently Iraq, (Divide and conquer Policy),

That’s it, So the main difference is not about theology, unlike for example Christians who some of them say Marry is “The Mother of God” Catholics and their Bible contains 73 Books, Protestants don’t believe that about “God has a Mother”, Protestants say ”Jesus is  God” and their Bible has 66 Books, Jehovah witness believe Jesus is not God but “Jesus is the son of God”, Mormons say something else and so on, real Fundamental Differences about Theology in Christianity there are more than 33.000 Sects and Denominations in Christianity,

In Hinduism probably more, 

In Islam Allah have said in the Nobel Qur’an don’t use your faith in him as a reason to divide, luckily it is not that bad because:

Muslim Sunni/Shia have exactly the same Qur’an so there is no (King James version, RSV version, world new translation version and so on), 

The Pillars of Islam are the same for both,
The Pillars of Belief are the same for both

They both pray Five times a day and fast the month of Ramadan and go to Mecca for Pilgrimage, they both follow the Sunnah (the great example) of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him,

They both believe that Mohammad is a Man, a human being, a Prophet and Messenger of God, 

But the best part in Islam is that you are not required to choose one group or another to be a Muslim.

Can I be vegetarian and be a Muslim?

YES of course you can.

You are not obliged to eat meat to become a Muslim, it is optional,

for more details please watch this interesting video of a Muslim Doctor talks about vegetarianism Click here.

Why Islam, why can’t I just be a Jew?

First of all to be a Jew you have to be born in the system, Judaism is not only refers to religion but also refers to Ethnicity, Culture and Identity of the Jews, (see Judaism page),

Second which is more important:
To be Jewish means you are rejecting two great prophets God has sent,
one was Jesus Christ who specifically was sent for the Jews of that time and they tried to crucify him and kill him and they thought they did but little they know that God Almighty has saved him and that is confirmed in the Bible in (Hebrews 5:7) as well as in the Quran in many places like (4:157-158)

To be Jewish means you are rejecting the last and Final Prophet and Messenger of God to all mankind and that is Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him,

Imagine how God would feel about that? 

So I invite you today to the straight path that your creator has chosen for you,
to worship him alone his way, this is the same God you are already worshiping the God of Adam, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, 

The straight path that will take you to live forever in Paradise, 

NO one on can win against God unlike what is written in the Bible (Genesis 32:24 ),
You have no chance in challenging him, 

This is your great chance, take it, because God will ask you why didn’t you follow my last prophet?

Muhammad is a true Prophet and Messenger of God and the Holy Quran is the last Revelation of God to all mankind including Jews,

by becoming a Muslim you will be following and loving all the prophets and messengers of God, you will only gain the truth and abandon any falsehood,
as you know the Tanakh/Talmud/New Testament/Old Testament and all other religious books has been edited and changed over time Except the Holy Quran which is preserved by Almighty God,

Allah said in the Holy Quran:
“..and if the people of the book would have believed (in Islam) it would be better for them..” (Qur’an 3:110),

He said:
Religion in the site of Allah is Islam (Quran  3:19), 
which makes sense because Jesus peace be upon him, never called his religion Christianity, neither Moses called his religion Judaism, these words are not even in the Bible.

and said:
Don’t you (people) die but as Muslims (Quran 3:102),

and said:
Whoever seeks any religion other than Islam it will not be accepted from him and he in the Hereafter will be of the losers“  (Quran 3:85).

and said:
Those who disbelieve in Allah and His messengers, and seek to make distinction between Allah and His messengers, and say: We believe in some and disbelieve in others, and seek to choose a way in between;

Those are truly the Unbelievers and We have prepared for the Unbelievers a humiliating punishment.

But those who believe in Allah and His messengers and make no distinction between any of them, Those He shall grant them their rewards and Allah was ever Forgiving, Merciful.”  (Qur’an 4. 150-152).

and said:
“O you who have been given the Book! (Jews and Christians) Believe in what We have revealed confirming that which ye have, before We blur (alter) faces then turn them on their backs, or curse them as We cursed the people of the Sabbath (Sabbath-breakers), and the command of Allah is always executed.” (Qur’an 4.47).

you should really read the Qur’an for yourself and see,

So Islam without doubt is the Straight Path that will take you to Paradise to live in peace and dignity Forever and keep you away from the Hell Fire and keep you far away from the Hate and Evil of Zionism.


Think about it

if you need more reasons Click HERE

Did God Promised Paradise to Muslims?

YES,  Absolutely, and in many places, and using the word Promised.

Quran 9:72
Allah hath Promised to Believers, men and women, Gardens under which Rivers flow, wherein they will abide forever blessed dwellings in Gardens of Eden And far Greater Acceptance from Allah. That is the Grand Triumph. 

Qur’an 5:9-10
Allah hath Promised those who believe and do good deeds (that) they shall have Forgiveness and a Great Reward.
And those who Disbelieve and Deny our Signs, Such are the people of the Hell.

So if you believe in Allah (SWT) and all his prophets and messengers Specially the last and final Prophet and messenger to mankind Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and do good deeds you shall have Forgiveness and a Great Reward in Paradise and live Eternal life in Dignity, Honor and Happiness, you will have whatever you want, and it is enough for you that Allah Almighty Himself have Promised you that not anyone else.

Can I become a Muslim?

Yes of course you can

and it is very easy, if you believe that there is only ONE God and Muhammad is a messenger of God, then all you have to do is say with Sincerity the following:

I bear witness that there is no God except Allah, and
I bear witness that Muhammad is a messenger of Allah.

Then you say it in the Arabic language: listen to the Audio below and repeat after it:

(Ash-hadu  an  La  ilaha  illa ALLAH, Wa  Ash-hadu  an  Muhammadan Rasool ALLAH)


Congratulations!!!!! brother and sister and welcome to Islam you have chosen the right path to worship God, the right path to go to Paradise and live forever happy, and as more as you learn about Islam as more as you love it, I promise you that,

Take it step by step and Insha Allah (means God willing) you will be fine and ask Allah to help you, you are not alone Allah is always with you and now you have millions and millions of brothers and sisters, so smile because everything is going to be fine Insha Allah.

Click here to download the Shahada in the Arabic language if you like 

Or click here to learn to say Surat Al Fatiha and Surat Al Ikhlas with Arabic language voice


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