The Tanakh

The Tanakh is basically the Old Testament of the Christian Bible but it is divided into three sections: the Torah which means the Law, Nevi’im which means the Prophets and Ketuvim which means the Writings,

The Jews do not recognize the New Testament of the Christian Bible nor do they recognize Jesus Christ as a prophet and messenger of God,

The Old Testament books of the Christian Bible are rearranged differently to fit the Christian theology,

According to modern scholars the contents of the Tanakh were compiled and finalized between 200 B.C and 200 A.C by the Jewish rabbis.

While Prophet Moses has died around the year 600 B.C

It means the Tanakh/The Old Testament was written between 400 to 600 years after Prophet Moses death,

Take a look at this interesting story of a Jewish man:

Here is one more very nice story:

Click this link to take a look at the Jewish Talmud HERE.


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