YouTube Hypocrisy

YouTube was founded by three young men Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, they thought it was fun that people put their own funny wedding videos or videos about their babies or about their animals, until the Zionist Jews bought it,

and they turned it into a platform for hate, filth and into Zionists War Propaganda Platform, it is true that they have many useful or educational or entertaining videos, but that is how they mix their poison with honey otherwise no one will drink it,

These Zionist Jews War Mongers are the most serious threat to Peace in the World,

Take a look below is an example of YouTube Hypocrisy,

When it comes to showing videos telling the truth about the lies of the Zionist Jews they cover it up but when it comes to offending a non Jew they put it on the front page:

(click to enlarge)

Take a look here the same thing:

here also: 

3 thoughts on “YouTube Hypocrisy

  1. Terrific work! This is the type of info that should be shared across the net. Shame on search engines|Google}

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