The Bible

The word Bible came from a Greek word which means a Book, it is not very accurate name of the Bible, because the Bible contains 66 books in the case of the Protestant Bible and 73 books in the case of the Roman Catholic Bible, to 81 books in the case of the Ethiopian Orthodox Bible,

The Bible is a collection of scriptures and writings from more than 40 different writers some of them are Unknown, the Bible doesn’t say which religion it’s about, it is a selection of scriptures which the church has chosen for you,

There are many Gospels and scriptures which are rejected by the church some say up to 50 Gospels, like the Gospel of Peter which says clearly that Jesus didn’t die, the Gospel of Barnabas which says clearly and in many places that there will come another Prophet after Jesus and his name is Muhammad, there is a Gospel of Philip, the Gospel of Thomas and even a Gospel of Mary Magdalene and many more, these people were the real disciples of Jesus,

All these Gospels has been rejected by the church because they do not fit the church Theology,

The current Bible has been edited and changed over time that is why you see King James version of the Bible, R.S.V version and other versions,
There is NO Original Scriptures, the oldest scrap of a scripture of the New Testament they found is called P52 which dates of the first half of the second century, that is written more than 100 years after Jesus and it is a copy of a copy of a copy, it is a small piece the size of credit card and it is written in Greek not the language of Jesus, the oldest copy they found of the Gospel of Mark was written in the year 220, that is 150 years after Jesus and again it was a copy of a copy of a copy, the first complete copy of the Gospel of Mark was found in the year 350 that is 280 years after Jesus,  the same with the old Testament/the Tanakh it was written and finalized between 200 B.C to 200 A.C by the Jewish rabbis, about 400-600 years after Prophet Moses.

Please take a look at this important speech of a Bible scholar with PHD degree:

From the beginning the Bible was not in the hands of the people but was always in the hands of the Church or later in the hands of the Monarchy,

The first one who translated the New Testament to English was called a Heretic and his translation and his books were burned and even after his death the Church dig him up out of his grave and burned him!
His name is John Wycliffe, about 600 years ago,

After him came William Tyndale around the year 1500, who translated the Bible to English language so people can understand it for themselves and even though he was living in the exile the church set him up and captured him and brought him back to England where he was Burned Alive,

Unlike the Holy Quran, which was a direct 23 years of revelations from God through Angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad to people, who have memorized it, it was meant to be preserved, God himself in the Quran said He will preserve it and He did, That is why in Islam there is No king James Quran or RSV Quran, there is No 66 books Quran and 73 books Quran and 81 books Quran, the Quran is One Book by God (Allah), it is not an inspiration of Prophet Muhammad but a revelation from Allah to all mankind,
(if you think Allah is some other God Click Here)

This is your great chance to follow the truth which God brought for you, don’t waste it.

Watch this horrifying video if you like of the people how were burned Alive about 500 years ago just because they translated the New Testament to English so people can read it for themselves:

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