To produce food for the 6.5 billion people who inhabit the planet requires the water that would fill a river 10 meters deep x 100 meters wide x 7.1 million kilometers long!
That river would be so long that it would be long enough to circle around the globe 180 times,

It takes around 3,000 liters of water, converted from liquid to vapor, to produce enough food to satisfy one person’s daily dietary need.

Most of the people when they see nature they would say; wow it is so beautiful and so in harmony and so natural, they fail to relies that what they call natural it is in fact a 
Super natural, the sky, the grass, the sea, it is all super natural, the flying birds the flowers are colorful it is all super super natural and not just in a poetic romantic way but it is in actuality magical, on top of that the Human being with his intellect, this intelligent machine, but it’s not a machine, it is a Being, which did not create himself and definitely did Not come by chance,

The laws of nature:
The laws of nature has to be just right in order for life to exist, 
for example if there is no gravity, that would mean no planets no stars no galaxies,
if we didn’t have the strong nuclear force, which holds neutrons and protons together that means all protons will repel each other, which means you will not get atoms with a greater atomic number than Hydrogen, so you cannot get complex life out of Hydrogen gas cloud,

If we didn’t have the Electromagnetic force, we wouldn’t get complex chemistry,
if we didn’t have the Rules of Quantization, means all the electrons will be sucked into the nuclease, that is what is called the law of quantum mechanics which keeps the electron to stay in its orbit and that allows for chemistry to occur, otherwise no life, 
if we didn’t have the poly exclusion principle which prevents the electrons from falling into lower energy state, and that would simply means no life,

And so many more of the laws of Physics which are extremely fine tuned,
like the amount of matter in the universe which is so exact 1/1060, Like the cosmological constant of the universe which controls the expansion of the universe, this force oppose gravity that is why it is also called Anti Gravity and so many other laws of nature,

There are more than 322 factors or parameters just to have a planet that can support life like Earth, that is 1/10304  that means you need more that 13 times the number of planets in our universe just to get a planet like Earth by chance, that is more than three times the amount of Atoms in the universe, all these evidence tells you clearly that this beautiful nature you are looking at did Not come by chance.

you can watch this short video of Amazing Birds:

You can click this link if you like to watch the Real Miracles in Nature, Click Here. 

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