- About 6.5 Million people died in the year 2015 because of Smoking. That is more than: Car Accidents + Murders + Suicides + Heart Attacks + every other Diseases, COMBINED.

- About 8.6 Million people are Seriously Sick because of Smoking.

- About 70% of Teenagers dies around the age of 45 years because of Smoking. 

- About 50.000 people dies every year because of Secondhand Smoking.

- About 26% of Women who heavily smoked died in the Middle age.

- About 2500 infant baby, dies each year because of a Smoking Mothers.

- About 2.5 times Smoker have a chance to die at the age of 55 than a non smoker.

- About 41% of Men who smoke a Pack or more a day, died in Middle age

- About 18% Americans dies each year because of Smoking.

- Smokers lungs keeps over 70% of the Tar and the Nicotine inhaled.

- About 500 Billion dollar Wasted each year by people on Smoking.

- about 4 Billion dollar Wasted on Smoking advertisements each year.

- They say a Cigarette pack on average costs 5 cents to produce but a Smokers pays $4.50 on average or more when buying the same pack.

- An average Smoker Spends $1600.00 a year on Cigarettes.

So after all this Horrifying Statistics, is it COOL or FOOL to Spend your money to damage your health and the health of others and on top of that Stink?
I think the answer is too clear .

StopSmokingThere is a free solution to smoking which can really help and that is believing in God and follow His final messenger Muhammad (p.b.u.h) and when you fast Ramadan it becomes easy to get rid of the eating habits and the drinking and smoking bad habits.

Here is a book in Dutch that might help you stop smoking, it is on
God Really Exists, this book also available on as a Paperback and also as Kindle format on

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