The Universe

Our Universe is Fine-tuned!, this is really amazing and almost all scientists know this fact, I will try to show you some examples of the fine tuning of the Universe,

The age of this great Universe is estimated to be about 13.7 Billion years old, The observable Universe is estimated to be about 93 Billion light years wide, the whole Universe is estimated to be about 180 Billion light years wide and according to the Inflation Theory this huge Universe is like an Atom to the real Universe!,

The Sun, I always thought of the Sun is just this beautiful star that happens to be in the right place and on the right time to earth and that was by itself is amazing,

but most recently I’ve found out that the Sun in fact is much more unique than that,
to sustain life on Earth, Earth needs a star which not only in the right place but can give a constant sustained and stable energy of heat and light and in order for any star to be able to do that it has to have the exact balance between Gravity and Electromagnetic Power and if we put it in Equation it will look like this:
Gravity Power 5x(-100000000000000000000000000000000000000) = Electromagnetic 2x(-100000000000000000000000000000000000000), and that is so exactly balanced it makes The Sun is
The ONLY Star in the Universe that we know of which is Suitable for life to Exist and to Sustain life, and it happens to be in the right distance from Earth!
how can all that be a Coincident?

Stephen Hawking a very famous British physicist said if the rate of Expansion of the universe, one second after the Big Bang was one part smaller of 1/ of a Second the universe would have collapse before it reaches its currant size,

There are many examples of the fine-tuning of the universe, like the speed of light, and many other examples which I will include some of them later but the most astonishing and extreme example of the fine tuning of the universe is of the biggest strongest power in the universe and that is the amount of Gravity of the Dark Matter which also called Anti-Gravity Force if it was only One part of: 1/1000. less and that is very very tiny amount less, the universe would  have collapsed, Scientists say even those who do not belief in God say; to say this by chance is too far stretch which means it is impossible this precision is happened by chance.
Here is a very interesting film about the Universe please take a look:


Here is another interesting film about the Universe take a look:


Take a look at this amazing perfect Eclipse match between the Moon and the Sun in a Solar Eclipse, click to enlarge:


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