Some of the Prophets names in the Holy Qur’an

Here are some of the names (in no particular order) of the Prophets of God and others names from what they are known in English to what they are known in Arabic from the Holy Qur’an:

Adam =  (ادم) Pronounced Adam
Enoch =  (أدريس) known as Idris Pronounced Idries
Noah =  (نوح) Pronounced Nooh
Abraham = (أبراهيم) Ibrahim
Ishmael = (أسماعيل) Ismael

Moses = (موسى) Musa pronounced Moosa
Joseph = (يوسف) Yusuf 
David = (داود) Dawood
Solomon = (سليمان) Sulaiman
Jesus = (عيسى) Isa

Mary = (مريم) Merriam  
Gabriel = (جبرائيل) Jibriel
Job  = (أيوب) Ayyub pronounced (A-youb)
Pharaoh = (فرعون) Firon pronounce (Fer-oun)
Abel = (هابيل) Habeel
Aaron = (هارون) Haroun pronounced Haroon
Elias = (ألياس) Ilyas 
Amran =  (عمران) Imran
Gospel = (أنجيل) Injeel
Jerusalem = (بيت المقدس) Bait Al Maqdis (mean the house of Holy)
Isaac  = (أسحاق) Ishaq pronounced (Is-haaq)
Jacob = (يعقوب) Yaqoob
Goliath = (جالوت) Jalut  pronounced Jaloot 
Cain = (قابيل) Qabeel
Lot = (لوط) Lut pronounced loot
Magog = (مأجوج) Majuj pronounced Ma’jooj
Sheba = (سبأ) Saba pronounced Saba’
Saul = (طالوت) Talut  pronounced Taloot
Ezra  = (عزير) Uzair
John the Baptist = (يحيى) Yahiya
Gog  = (يأجوج) Jajuj pronounced Ya’jooj
Jonah  = (يونس) Yunus pronounced Younus
Elisha = (اليسع) Alyasa
Ezekiel  = (ذو الكفل) Thoo Al kifl
Zachariah = (زكريا) Zakariah
Michael = (ميكال) Mikael

Some other names but not from the Qur’an:

Eve is known as (حواء) Howah in Arabic
Anti-Christ = (دجال)  Dajjal
Hagar = (هاجر) Hajar 

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