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Is There God?

Let us try to answer this important question using logic and common sense,

First of all let us define what God is, so we know what we are looking for;

God is the Creator of everything,
So he is not a human being because human did not create themselves and he most definitely cannot be an animal because creations like of the human and the universe requires intelligence, so he cannot be a cow or a monkey or an elephant and he cannot be material things like fire or Idols.

So the Creator must be a Supreme Being, the most intelligent being to be able to create human and to be able create the earth and the whole universe, there is no doubt about that,

Let us simplify things as much as possible by trying to answer these simple but crucial questions:

Does inelegance exist in the Universe?
Yes (humans)

Are we the first to exist in the Universe?

Have we created ourselves?

Can inelegance come randomly?

So there is no reason what so ever to object that another intelligent being can exist?

There is no reason what so ever that this being might have existed before us?

There is no objection what so ever that this being specially if he was before us might be more intelligent than us? (The universe age is about 13.7 Billion years old comparing to
4.5 Billion years old the age of Earth),

Even on this very planet there are other intelligent creatures maybe they are not as intelligent as we are, never the less, they do exists ( I’m talking about animals in case you lost me),


Why there is males and females?

If we assume Darwin’s evolution theory is correct then we should have one single human which can reproduce, why do we have males and females?

If evolution theory is correct human should evolve to have wings and be able to fly, we all have the desire to fly, or we should at least be able to swim better, and why do we have a creatures that can fly? why do we have creatures that can live under water?

If evolution theory is correct we should have only super models women, and why did some men evolve to be bold yet spending all this money on wigs, creams, medicines even surgeries? But of course as we all know beauty is subjective, and that by itself disproof of what so called natural selection,

If evolution theory is correct why the Chicken did not evolve to fly but rather instead they decided to stay with us and give us eggs?
Do you think they are stupid? or they simply never thought about it? :)

Why everything looks designed and it doesn’t look random?
you don’t have to look far just look at the pictures at the top, do you see randomness or do you see designed patrons? NASA and other space agencies when they look for intelligent life in space they look for patrons and here it is in front of our faces yet we can’t see it, is it really that hard to see?

Why there is Beauty and we can recognize it?
we can see in colors with two advanced eyes, we can hear, we can smell, we can taste all these wonderful instruments, can you imagine not to be able to see? Or can you imagine being deaf?

Why do we love? Why do we have emotions?

Why do we have Intelligence?

Why do this universe is so fine tuned? (see the universe page),
Why Earth is so perfectly suitable for life? considering life is so fragile.

Why throughout human history, human being always thought of God?
if thinking about God is made up, shouldn’t it go out of fashion?

Why they were many human beings who claim to have received message from God?
They are called Prophets and Messengers, and they were willing to die to deliver that message of God to people, could they all be liars?

There are many more evidence of God that you can yourself think of and all evidence clearly shows that man did not come from monkeys, (see evolution theory page again),

The difference between a Believer and a Disbeliever in God is that when they both die:
if there is no God they will both lose,
But if there is a God the Believer would likely to be the Winner and the Disbeliever would more than likely be the Loser again and there is No Second Chance,

So to the Disbeliever it is a Lose Lose Situation,
while the Believer has at least a Chance to Win,

I agree most religions does not make much sense but Not all, I agree most religious books has been changed and edited but Not all,

I invite you brothers and sisters to discover your Creator, the easy way, 
it is really not that hard, you don’t need to close your eyes and belief,
you don’t need to make sense out of nonsense.

I invite you to the most sensible way to God, the direct way to your Creator which you can never ever be wrong about, I invite you to Islam.

I recommend reading this book: God Really Exits!! which will give you more proofs and reasons to believe. It is available on Amazon, check it out HERE.


Take a look at this video, it is long but interesting:


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