In Nature

Here is some True Miracles of God in Nature, See the Beauty, the Design,
if you still think these creatures are created randomly or by evolution, please read the Home Page again, The first video below called the Birds of Paradise,
this is truly a sample God gave us so that you know there is a real Paradise that you can go to and live with Dignity and Peace there, It is hundred times or thousand times better and bigger than Earth, you will go there only if you worship God alone without Partners or Partitions or Idols and you should follow his last and final Prophet and messenger to Mankind Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, this is my Friend is The Straight Path to Paradise:

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Here is some more amazing Birds, a bird that can hover in mid air, another that can fly faster than a blink of an eye, these are the real Miracles of your Creator:

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If you like to See the Miracles inside the Human Body click here the Biology Page:

Or if you like to See the Miracles in Human being Click Here:

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