Is mainly concerns about the Health of the Human body, by emphasizing harmony with natural environment, which is the same teaching to be found in Confucianism and Buddhism,

Taoism is an ancient Chinese Mythology and it is closely connected to the traditional Chinese medicine,

Laozi is regarded as the founder of Taoism, the most famous saying of him is:
The way that can be spoken of is not the timeless way, the names of what can be named are not the timeless name, for the way is the nameless origin of Heaven and Earth and the mother of all things with names,

In Taoism there are many deities from “Emperor God” to “Industry God” even “Gods” for Professions,

In Taoism there are no sacred scriptures from God no Messengers of God and no Angels from God, there is no mentioning of the Resurrection or The Judgment day, 
Taoism is based on ancient legend stories, 

My Dear Chinese Brothers and Sisters,
Please read this message carefully because it is very important, in fact it is the most important message you would ever hear in your life, so please read it carefully to the end because this is very serious matter,

There is Only ONE God. He is the most Powerful and the most Merciful, He is not a human being or anything that you have ever seen, He is the Creator of the Universe and the Creator of Human beings, He is the Creator of everything,

God have sent Prophets and Messengers to Mankind, He have sent Messages from Heaven with his Angels to give them to his Prophets and Messengers to deliver them to Human beings,

Those Prophets are people like Jesus Christ and like the Final Prophet and Messenger to All Mankind Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them all,

My dear Chinese Brothers and Sisters, I invite you to worship the ONE God alone and follow his last Messenger prophet Muhammad and read the last Message from God The Holy Qur’an, 

Because after you die, God will bring you back to life from died, God is going to bring everybody back to life in the Judgment Day and we will all be Judged by God, everyone and after you receive your Judgment, you either go to live for Ever in Paradise in peace and dignity in the most beautiful place you could ever imagine and you will have there whatever you want, or you will go to the Hell Fire and it is the most horrifying terrible place to live in for Eternity,

So if you want to go to Paradise my Dear Brothers and Sisters and avoid the Hell Fire? 
This is your Chance, Become a Muslim, join the Religion of Islam, this is the right and righteous way of living and it is without a single doubt the Straight Path to Paradises,

Please think about it. 


Please take a look at this interesting story:


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