Confucianism in a simple term is more of an ancient Chinese Philosophy than a Religion, it was founded around the year 500 B.C by Confucius, 
It is mainly concerns with Social and Political ideas and respect for Authorities and promoting Social Harmony, almost like Communism of its time,

Confucianism teaches about self cultivation, concerns with Society and Social Relations by emphasizing Social Harmony, everyone must take its place in Society according to their ability, and abilities should come across classes which led to a development of an examination system so anyone with a great ability could get a fare position in Government,

Confucius himself emphasize Hierarchy and Rank,
it is sadly relocated women to secondary status,
Confucius said that the Proper Ruler is like the North Star while Others Rotating around him in Perfect Order,

As you see Confucianism is mainly about Political and Social order, it has nothing to do with God or the Creation of Mankind or the Universe, it is mainly about how to be a good Chinese citizen and live your life in harmony with nature and it is not based on a Sacred Revelation from God.



這是非常重要的,我把这个给你的信息, 因為這是最重要的信息,你將永遠聽到的,所以请仔细听和读到最后, 因为这是很严重的事情, 


神派先知和使者到人类,他已发送的邮件,从天堂,通过他的天使, 交付他的先知和使者 , 交付給人類, 


我的好 中国的兄弟姐妹们,我邀请你来敬拜独一的神, 單獨并遵循他最后的使者 , 先知穆罕默德, 和读上帝的最后一条消息, 光荣的古蘭經, 

因為你死後, 和在审判日, 神將帶你從回來死了,上帝會把每個人都回到生活, 和, 我們須全部加以判斷時,我们每一个人和 , 你收到你的判断后,你要麼去永遠生活在天堂中和平 , 和尊嚴, 它是最美麗的地方你所能想像和, 你將會有隨便你那裡,或者你会去地狱的火和, 這是最可怕的地方居住為永恆, 

因此,如果你想去樂園嗎  我亲爱的兄弟姐妹  和, 避免地獄火? 

這是你的機會,成为一个穆斯林,加入伊斯蘭宗教的, 這是生活的正確和正直方式和, 沒有唯一疑義,它是 , 正道天堂中. 





Please watch this nice Originally Chinese young man telling his story:


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