In Human Being

A lot of People can not see or recognize Miracles, and I don’t blame them, they are too busy and when your mind is too busy your eyes can not really see specially when everything around you is a Miracle, really if you stop for a moment and think about life, think about creation, think about the universe, it is all truly amazing, 

Please take a look at these videos of People who they never heard a sound in their life because they were Def, See their reaction when they hear for the first time, the Miracle is not in the electronic device but that Allah has given us the blessing of Hearing and Seeing and so much more:

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Watch this nice lady she was blind and now after the surgery she is able to see, can you imagine? the colors the trees the birds, seeing your family for the first time all these favors that the creator gave to us, is to much to be Grateful?
worship Allah my brothers and sisters the right way:

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If you like to See the Miracles inside the Human Body click here Biology Page:

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