Real Miracles

This incredible video below is about the Giant Planet Jupiter, this planet is more than 1000 times the size of the Earth yet its day is only 10 hours long comparing to 24 hours day on Earth, it rotates so fast about 2.4 times the rotation of Earth with its massive size it is really scary to even imagine standing on such a planet, imagine if you are standing there you would see all its moons zipping so fast around it, even the sun would rise and set very quickly you would see that in real time, comparing that to Earth which you don’t even feel or even can notice its rotation around itself, if you see that you would get dizzy without doubt, so thank Allah for Earth, 

And Jupiter with its Giant size and fast rotation protects the Earth from Comets and Asteroids, you see how amazing the creation of Allah is? it is really all Miracles.

Take a look:


Look at this picture below, This is not a Toy, it is a Real Duck that can Fly and have Babies, do you see any randomness in it? I don’t think so:Real Duck

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