Up until the year 1848 in the United States of America:

Women did NOT have rights to acquire any property during marriage,
Did NOT have rights to transfer property,
Did NOT have the right to make contracts,
Did NOT have the right to keep or control her own wages or any rents,
Did NOT have the right to Sell property,

(Ref.Married Women’s Property Act: 1848, New York State)

In Britain it was up until the year 1817 women did NOT have any of these rights, In India the same story, it was in the year 1937 when women finally got their rights.

In Islam women were given these rights for more than 1400 years ago, since then woman can own her own properties, can have her own business just like the wife of prophet Muhammad and she can inherit wealth,

Women In Islam are really fully protected and given their rights,

In Islam Man and Women are equal in the sight of God, In fact even the word Woman it is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an 24 time and equal to the word Man which is also mentioned 24 times, in fact there is a whole chapter in the Quran named chapter of Women, there is even a chapter in the Qur’an named chapter Mary in the honor of the mother of Jesus,

No wonder that there are more women reverting to Islam than men,

Unlike in the Bible which woman are NOT allowed to open her mouth but she should “learn in silence with ALL Subjugation” (1 Timothy 2:11) even the way for her salvation is as it was mentioned in the Bible is through “Childbearing” (1 Timothy 2:15),

If you are a Christian and you don’t believe me I can give you more examples like:1 Corinthians 11:3-9, Deuteronomy 22:15-23:-4, Judges 11:34-40, Leviticus 22:9-16, Deuteronomy 22:22, Hebrews 11:32-33,

Even today still in some Christian churches they still discuss whether or not woman have a Soul,

Read what Dr. Jonathan Edwards wrote, he is a well known Baptist Creation Scientist:

“The absence of either salvation or condemnation for women finds extensive support in the Bible.” He reported. “Jesus said that the sole reason God created women in the first place was to provide company and service to men (1 Corinthians 11:9), God determined that men would be lonely living alone, so he created women purely to keep men company and serve their needs (Genesis 2:18-22). Women are therefore completely subordinate to men (1 Corinthians 11:3). It stands to reason, though, that once men enter the Kingdom of Heaven, they will be one with God, and will no longer be lonely and in need of mortal companionship. Thus, the reason behind having women will no longer exist. Women, like the members of the animal kingdom, will fall by the wayside.”

He continued “once men reunite with their maker, they will no longer be burdened with the care of women. After all, women were inferior creations from the start. Women are fond of self-indulgence (Isaiah 32:9-11). They are silly and easily led into error (2 Timothy 3:6). They are subtle and deceitful (Proverbs 7:10; Ecclesiastes 7:26). They are zealous in promoting superstition and idolatry (Jeremiah 7:18; Ezekiel 13:17, 23). And they are active in instigating to iniquity (Numbers 31:15-16; 1 Kings 21:25; Nehemiah 13:26). It was the inherent weakness of women that led them to be deceived by Satan (Genesis 3:1-6; 2 Corinthians 11:3; 1 Timothy 2:14). Consequently, women were cursed from the start (Genesis 3:16). There is simply no room in heaven for such flawed and inadequate beings.”

You can’t blame Dr. Jonathan Edwards too much for his strange findings because he got it from a book which is written by more than 40 different writers some of them are unknown and it has been edited over time,

So before you listen to those who are talking how woman in Islam has no rights, first read your bible if you are a Christian or a Jew but most Importantly read the Exact word of God the Holy Quran and see for yourself, 

Think about it.

If you need more evidence and want to see some unpleasant Statistics about how women are treated in the west and the east Click HERE .


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