Is the name of the ninth month of the Arabic/Islamic calendar, it is the month when the Archangel Gabriel first start revealing the message from God to Prophet Muhammad to deliver it to all mankind and that message is called the Holy Quran,
The Holy Quran was revealed within the last 23 years of the life of the Prophet,

Ramadan is also the month which Muslims fast which means stop eating and drinking and doing any kind of sexual activities during the day from Dawn to Sunset and that is by the commandment of God, it is a blessed month and fasting Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam and they are:

1. Bearing witness, testifying that there is no God except Allah and Bearing witness, testifying that Prophet Muhammad is a messenger of God and that is called (the Shahada),
2.Praying five times a day that is called (the Salat),
3.Fasting the month of Ramadan and that is called (the Sawm),
4. The pilgrimage to Mecca once when possible and that is called (the Hajj),
5. Charitable giving %2.5 of the wealth if you are able and that is called (the Zakat),

The name Ramadan comes from the root Arabic word Ramad which means hot days,

By fasting Ramadan you will learn to be discipline in controlling yourself and desires and if you are rich you would know the favor of Allah on you so when you eat in your regular days you would really know how it feels that some people do not have what to eat, not to mention fasting is healthy for your body and your mind, all the prophets of God have fasted,

When I first fasted, the first day was not very easy but after that was really easy when the month was finished I felt that I have accomplished something and honestly I couldn’t wait for the next Ramadan to come,

After the days of the month of Ramadan are over it comes four days of celebration called (the Eid) on those days people visit their friends and families, it is happy days especially for kids,

So come brothers and sisters and join us, don’t be shy, this is without doubt the true path to Paradise.

The next Ramadan will come soon insha’a Allah, it depends on which country you are at, and on seeing the Crescent ( the Hilal ), I wish you all Happy Ramadan, Click the link to go to The Islamic Calendar, but first  take a look at these beautiful picture:

(Click to enlarge)

Ramadan Eidulfitr_meal Ramadan_jerusalem
Mosque Ramadan-sweets TajMahal

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