Why do I have to pray?

If someone gives you something you say thank you, right?
What about the One who gave you life, the One who created you as a Human being?
He could have created you as a dog fetching balls sitting when told or a monkey in a circus, God created you as an intelligent Human being, He gave you food to eat, a variety of food to choose from, He could have made you eat grass only but God Allah is very kind He is the most kind the most generous he gave you so many types of food to choose from and enjoy, is it too much to be grateful?
He gave you Eyes to see in colors, Ears to hear in stereo, I know maybe you think this is funny but really if you think about it, He gave you so much..lungs to breath, can’t you see all the gifts and favors God has given you?

On top of that, it is for your own benefit really, people pay money to do Yoga and go to the Gym, in Islam, it is a free membership, you “exercise” daily for free and you get healthy physically, spiritually and mentally on top of that you will get rewarded Eternal Life in Paradise, God willing (Insha Allah),

isn’t that a Good Deal?

I think it is the Best Deal in the world,

 Think about it.


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