Who is Allah?

Allah is the name of God the Creator of everything the Supreme Been the One God, this name has been used in the old testament in Ezra 5:1 as well as in the new testament of the Christian Bible in Jesus language in Matthew 5:9 also in Mark 15:34 Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani? and in Matthew 27:46 the same word but now written in differently Eli, Eli  first of all if someone wants to die to safe human beings from their sin why would he cry? and with a load voice? shouldn’t he be happy and proud to take away the sin of mankind? but we will talk about this in details on Jesus page, anyway Eloi, Eloi in Aramaic language is prononced exactly Allahi, Allahi in the Arabic language, which means oh my Allah oh my Allah, the thing is that the Gospel of Mark which was the first Gospel to be written, was written in the Greek language and all I say is try to write your name using another language,

Aramaic, Hebrew and Arabic are all sister languages, so for those who try to tell you that Allah is some other God they lying to you, Allah is the single creator of everything others may call him differently or does not know how to write his name or pronounce it correctly, I will proof to you in details on a separate page that Allah is the God of Abraham, the God of Moses, the God of Jesus and the God of Muhammad (peace be into all of them), 

also the Name Allah is been used in the Arabic translation of the Bible referring to the God,

Arab Jews and Arab Christians they use the name Allah to call God,

The word God means A God and it dose not have a clear definition, for example for many Christan God is three in one! to others it means something else,

While the word Allah means and reefers without a doubt to the one and only one creator.

Take a look by this nice Jewish man explain it for you: 


also take a look at this nice Jewish man explain it to you:


Here is one more honest jewish man explain it to you so you will be sure it is true:


You can also listen to this interesting lecture by Sulaiman Khatani about Allah (Glory be to him):

Download the lecture of Sulaiman Khatani if you like

The name of Allah even have been mentioned in the old sacred Hindu scriptures:

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