Can I become a Muslim?

Yes of course you can

and it is very easy, if you believe that there is only ONE God and Muhammad is a messenger of God, then all you have to do is say with Sincerity the following:

I bear witness that there is no God except Allah, and
I bear witness that Muhammad is a messenger of Allah.

Then you say it in the Arabic language: listen to the Audio below and repeat after it:

(Ash-hadu  an  La  ilaha  illa ALLAH, Wa  Ash-hadu  an  Muhammadan Rasool ALLAH)


Congratulations!!!!! brother and sister and welcome to Islam you have chosen the right path to worship God, the right path to go to Paradise and live forever happy, and as more as you learn about Islam as more as you love it, I promise you that,

Take it step by step and Insha Allah (means God willing) you will be fine and ask Allah to help you, you are not alone Allah is always with you and now you have millions and millions of brothers and sisters, so smile because everything is going to be fine Insha Allah.

Click here to download the Shahada in the Arabic language if you like 

Or click here to learn to say Surat Al Fatiha and Surat Al Ikhlas with Arabic language voice

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