Prophet Muhammad

First let me tell you this little story before I start talking about the prophet,

It is a true story; I had an American friend, who has reverted to Islam from Christianity,
He asked me one day how can I convince my mother which still not a Muslim, that prophet Muhammad is a true prophet of God,

I told him; O, man this is the easiest thing to do, so I start telling him; tell her; that he was known to be trustworthy and honest, tell her; that he was sincere in telling people that he received a revelation from God but people didn’t want to give up their Gods which they make by themselves out of stones,

Tell her; he was telling people why are you worshiping this lifeless objects, why are you worshiping something you are making yourselves and you should worship the one who make you the one who created you instead but people couldn’t believe that an Angel was send by God and talk to a man like them, which is the same thing happened to all the prophets of God, people didn’t want to give up what was their fathers and mothers worshiping, even if they knew it is wrong,

I told my friend; tell her that Prophet Muhammad could not read or write so it is impossible that he was the one who wrote the Quran, which is the most eloquent book ever existed in the Arabic language,

Because it was a revelation from Allah and it was revealed to the prophet within the last 23 years of the life of the prophet, after he received the first revelation when he was 40 years old,

So I wanted to tell more to my friend so he can tell his mother but we both had to go, so I promised him that I will think of more things that he can tell his mother about the prophet and I will let him know whenever I see him again,

I went back home and I took a white piece of paper and I said I’m going to write only some points or just some highlights of why prophet Muhammad is absolutely is a true prophet of God,

A few days later and before I know it, I wrote 6 pages of only highlights each highlight is made out of one sentence,
So I said this is very easy maybe I should write a book, why not, it is too easy,

Anyway I left the United Sates and went to Europe and I stayed with a friend of mine and ironically I looked at his bookshelf and I saw a book of more than 500 pages about this great prophet of Islam prophet Muhammad,

I couldn’t help myself but to read it from cover to cover, what I’m trying to say here is that there are hundreds and thousands of evidences and proves that Muhammad is a true prophet and messenger of God and the biggest evidence is the message that he have received from God the Quran which is still with us today as it was revealed and it is a message to all mankind,

I strongly advise you to read the Quran or a Translation of the Quran in your own language because this message is from God to you.

You can read the Quran in your own language on the Quran page
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I will give you later some more highlights of why Muhammad is without a single doubt is a true messenger and a Prophet of God,

Please take a look at this very interesting video below of what important None Muslim people saying about Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him):

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Beautiful Song about the Prophet (pbuh), Preformed by European Young Ladies.