About 2.5 MILLION people get killed every single year because of Alcohol and the number is increasing, multiply that number of the people who are injured.

According to the World Heath Organization, Alcohol is the number ONE killer in the world, not to mention the thousands and thousands of women who are being raped, the families who are being destroyed and it always starts with one drink one glass always start with the social drinking.

In Islam it is forbidden to drink Alcohol, in the Holy Quran the last message from the creator to mankind it is mentioned that even though it has some benefits but their harm is much greater than its benefits and science has proof that point, more than 22 serious Diseases includes most recently breast cancer for women, see the chart below.

In Christianity they say look in the Bible in the New Testament  Jesus first miracle was turning the water into wine, the wedding story referring to the Gospel of John 2:12, but if you read carefully and Analise what happened you can clearly see that this can not be true, here is why:

1. In the story of the Bible you will read that the people at the wedding they were already
” WELL DRUNK ” why would Jesus give a drunk people more to drink! that doesn’t make sense. 

2. The way Jesus calling his mother ” WOMAN! “ when was the last time you call your mother woman? Never right? who does? Specially a Righteous man and a great prophet like Jesus Christ.

3. According to the story he turned ” SIX WATER POTS OF STONE “ into wine and that is equal to about 768! bottles of wine, they were already drunk!.

4. Then Jesus telling his mother “what have I to do with thee? mine hour is not yet come” yet he goes and do it!.

5. and by doing that he would go against the teaching of the Old Testament.

6. This miracle is only reported in the Gospel of John which was the last Gospel to be written about the year 90 and it is not mention neither in the Gospel of Mark nor the Gospel of Matthew neither the Gospel of Luke!.

7. Mark, Matthew and Luke tells you that Jesus peace be upon him after he was Baptized he went straight to the desert for 40 days, only John tells you No he was at a wedding calling his mother “woman” and turning water into wine for drunk people,
Three people against One and they were much closer in time to Jesus, John’s Gospel was written around the year 95 while mark Gospel was written only 40 years after Jesus, Matthew’s Gospel was written about 10 years after that and Luke’s Gospel was written about 10 years after that.

So Brothers and Sisters, Jesus never turned water into wine, he did many great miracles by the power of God alone but he did not do that one. Jesus said:”I can of my own self do nothing” John 5:30.

In Islam we love Jesus, Moses, Muhammad and all the true prophets of God Almighty, we don’t distinguish between them or say this one is better than that one but we say Peace be upon them when we mention their names.

It is forbidden in Islam to drink Alcohol, so take your first step brothers and sisters, learn about this great religion of God and stop drinking as soon as possible, it is not good for your health and your money, as you saw in the numbers above.

And if you have difficulties to stop drinking? Here is something you can try click HERE.





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