Radio – Qur’an Translations

Spanish Islamic Radio


Mecca_01Quran in Deutsch Radio Mecca_02Quran in Oromigna Radio Mecca_03Qur’an in Kashmiri Radio
RadioQuran in Malayalam Radio radiQur’an in Hindi Radio radiQur’an in Kurdish Radio
Mecca_07Quran in Uyghur Radio Mecca_08Quran in Telugu Radio Mecca_11Quran in Kannada Radio
Mecca_07Quran in Persian Radio Mecca_08Qur’an in Malawian Radio Mecca_11Quran in Bengali Radio
Mecca_07Qur’an in Tamil Radio Mecca_08Quran in Turkish Radio Mecca_11Quran in Sinhalese Radio

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