Here is some good links you might find useful:

The Deen Show    interesting international TV show about people coming to Islam in English language.

Zaytuna College this is a great Islamic institute in the United States, led by a great American Muslim scholar sheikh Hamza Yusuf.

AE  this a Brave American Architects and Engineers who Officially reject the government 9/11 story.

Daralislam This is a wonderful Islamic high Institute in the United States 

waarom-islam-logo  interesting website about Islam and about new Dutch people converting to Islam it is in Dutch language.

Peace TV this is an international Islamic Satellite TV Channel.

DDuke A Courageous American Man who Stands Up Against Oppression and Injustice, Dr. David Duke

BrotherN Another Brave American Man who is not afraid to tell the Truth, he is a Monk and his name is Nathanael

Guide US TV
this is very cool TV/Website led by very cool and great American Sheikh Yusuf Estes. 

Pierre Vogel_pic this is a Great German Muslim Public speaker Pierre Vogel, the website is in the German language.

DawahisEasy this is a great website on how to do Dawah to none Muslims with great inspiring stories.

Thailand this is a Great Islamic Tai Website.

globalQlogo this is a Great website for Qur’an Translations and Recitations.

NoorArt Great website for Kids Islamic Education, Books, Gifts and more.

Nicole this is very inspiring American Muslim young lady.

Hablamos Islam this is a great website in Spanish language specially for kids it is also a nice Store.

diewahrereligion this is a great website in the German language Deutsch about Dawah and other info about Islam, here is their great youtube channel


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