Shintoism is an old Japanese Mythology and spiritual practices,
it is more of a Japanese folklore and traditions than a religion, that is why one does not require to publicly profess belief in Shinto to be a believer,

Shintoism has No founder,

The creation story in Shintoism is more of a creation story of the Island of Japan,

Shintoism doesn’t give a complete and adequate world view that is why for example with matters concerning death they go to Buddhism,

Shintoism like Confucianism in that, it was also used to support the Legitimacy of the Imperial family and how their “divine mandate to Rule, based on the lineage of the Emperor from the Sun “goddess” Amaterasu,

Shintoism mythology also borrowed from Taoism, 

Shintoism has not a unified traditions and practices and they have many deities, thousands and millions of them,

Shintoism has No Distinct code of Ethics, there is of course morality, the Japanese people are very moral and polite people but Shintoism itself, does not have definition of something like Sin and there is no clear cut code of Ethics and with MTV Moral Trash and the Violent Brain Washing Machine of Hollywood Movies and Video Games entering their homes, the Japanese people in a serious threat,

In Shitoism there is no central Deity or God, it is more of worshiping spirits and ancestors,

Shintoism is not based on Sacred Scriptures or Revelations from God, like the Original Torah, the Original Gospel or the last Revelation from God The Holy Quran, 

So my Dear Japanese Brothers and Sisters,
with all my heart and my soul, I invite you to worship God alone and not anything else, No Idols, No Humans, No Spirits, Only worship your Creator, God really exist, He is not a human being, He is not like anything you have ever seen, He is your Creator and mine, He is the Creator and the Sustainer of the Universe and of everything, 
Take the right path my Dear Brothers and Sisters to worship God alone and that path is without doubt is Islam,
Think about it, study it, because with Islam you will never get it wrong, you only worship God alone nothing else and follow his last Prophet and Messenger to All Mankind Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, 
This the Right and Straight Path which will lead you to live forever in Paradise in Dignity and Peace and Save you from the Hell Fire
Read the Holy Qur’an this is the Exact word of God to all human been,

Because God is going to ask you, why didn’t you worship me? God is going to ask you, why didn’t you follow my last and final Prophet that I have sent to Mankind? What are you going to say?

It is not too late now, you are still a life, thank God for that and after all these disasters that struck Japan, it is time my dear Japanese Brothers and Sisters to believe in God and follow his last Messenger, 
I know you are a brave people and you will stand up for the Truth.





Take a look at this Japanese man singing a song about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh):


Click this link if you want to see a Japanese Men Converting to Islam HERE .
or Click this link to see a Japanese Female Boxer who converted to Islam HERE .


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